Giles Duley

Galleries: Becoming the Story, Self-portrait. London. 2011

When I was still in intensive care, I had an idea in my head of a photo I wanted to take - a self-portrait - I could see it so clearly. It was in my head for months, I called the idea my 'broken statue'. Evoking memories of Greek and Roman statues I'd seen as a child.

I wanted to take a portrait that didn't hide the reality of my injuries, but also didn't show me as a victim. When thinking about it I realized I wanted to photograph myself the way I had photographed others.

This was to be the first photo I would take following my injuries. Nearly nine months to the day after it happened.

When I took the self-portrait I felt as if I had crossed a threshold of accepting my injuries. This is me, and once again I am a photographer.