Giles Duley is an established keynote and after dinner speaker who uses his own story and experiences as a photographer, filmmaker and chef, to weave together both humorous, insightful and inspiring talks that are tailed to his clients requirements.

“Inspirational”, “life-changing” and “humbling” are three adjectives commonly used to describe Duley’s talks. It is therefore perhaps unsurprising that he is in constant demand, both nationally and internationally. From schools, to TED Talks, corporate retreats to addressing the UN in New York; Duley is able to speak with clients from a range of ages, backgrounds and professions.

Duley talks with passion, humour and candour about his work as an award-winning documentary photographer, filmmaker and chef, and of his own remarkable quest to rebuild his life and career after becoming a triple amputee whilst working in Afghanistan in 2011. Drawing on his own courageous journey and the stories of those he has photographed, Duley delivers a message of hope, and reminds us that with hard-work, determination and a positive attitude, anything is possible. He also inspires change through showing how each and every one of us can use our talents, skills and experience to make positive contributions to the lives of others and to the world. A masterful story-teller, Duley engages and captivates, providing any event with an unforgettable experience.

Previous talks have covered the following topics:

  • Overcoming adversity and growing stronger from our challenges
  • What is resilience? And how can we harness its power
  • Creating change to inspire growth
  • The power of a story

“Giles is one of the greatest storytellers I’ve ever heard. Taking his time with details and with a surprising amount of humour, he shares his experience of dealing with the consequences of nearly being killed by an IED while putting all the focus on the refugees from war that he’s met along the way. He’s so compelling you could hear a pin drop; not just that, he leaves you inspired to do more and make a real difference.”

JLA Agent Jessica Mears

Addressing an auditorium with two balconies full of expectant faces, Duley narrates his personal journey from a celebrity photographer who “always wanted to do something more ” to a documentarian with an eye for the forgotten and marginalized. Duley’s words will punch anyone in the stomach.

All I have to say is: watch this talk. Duley crisscrossed the globe, searched his soul and made an unthinkable physical sacrifice to tell these stories. Now it’s your turn to hear them.

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